NC State Student getting a fitness assessment.

Know where you are today to get where you want to be tomorrow.

Learn more about your body to better develop a personalized plan with comprehensive assessments, body composition testing and movement screenings.

Body Composition Testing

Learn more about your current body makeup. This short 15-minute assessment uses a bioelectrical impedance scale to measure your body fat and muscle mass percentages.

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Better understand your current fitness level through a complete fitness and wellness analysis including cardiovascular, strength, body composition, and movement pattern screenings.

Functional Movement Screenings

Have you ever noticed a muscle imbalance during your workout? We provide movement analysis to determine areas for improvement. You will receive corrective exercise to restore movement patterns.


Package Students Members
Body Composition $15 $20
Body Composition Semester Pass $40 $50
Comprehensive Fitness Assessment $30 $35
Functional Movement Screen $20 $25
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