Diversity and Inclusion adVenture Experience (DIVE)

NC State Students on 2018 DIVE Trip

What is DIVE?

The Diversity and Inclusion adVenture Experience (DIVE) is an annual diversity and social justice trip offered at no cost to students who are selected. This year’s destination for our 9-day trip is the Louisiana Gulf Coast, an area where coastal land is disappearing at an alarming rate and, consequently, diverse cultures and ways of life are being displaced.

No experience is required to come on this trip.

The trip seeks to gather socially conscious people and those who wouldn’t normally take these kinds of trips to give them a no-cost opportunity to broaden their horizons. The group will accomplish the following goals:

  • Discuss issues of social justice and diversity in Louisiana, on NC State’s campus, and in broader contexts.
  • Learn how to practice lifelong wellness available through outdoor recreation and other opportunities through Wellness and Recreation.
  • Bring back experiences and knowledge from the trip to campus and contribute to a group-determined service project before the end of the spring semester.

DIVE is an outdoor trip, but will also help you become a more skilled and collaborative leader, regardless of your current activities as a student or future career plans.

When will DIVE Take Place?

The DIVE trip is planned to take place over spring break, from Friday, March 12 to Saturday, March 20.

Who can apply for DIVE?

Any and all NC State students are welcome to apply, as long as they can bring a positive attitude and an open mind. There is a large focus on social justice while on the trip, so participants should be willing to discuss and debate social issues currently affecting our society. Some of these conversations may be challenging or contentious (in a respectful way); this is part of the learning environment.

How much does DIVE cost?

If your application is accepted, the trip will be absolutely free. Everything will be provided so you may have an enjoyable excursion, including:

  • Transportation (we’ll be driving to Louisiana in a 15-passenger van)
  • Canoeing equipment, camping and sleeping equipment (e.g., sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, etc.).
  • Food (dietary restrictions will be accommodated).
  • Training and instruction from our professional and student staff leaders.
  • You will need to bring personal clothing and toiletry items (which will be listed at the pre-trip meeting if your application is accepted).

How many students will be going on the trip?

Twelve student participants will be accepted for the trip and will be accompanied by two or three staff and student leaders from University Recreation.

What will I be doing on the trip?

Camping and canoeing will only be part of the DIVE trip. The rest of the time will be spent getting to know the other students in your trip group through informal discussions on our van ride to Louisiana, while you learn to set up tents and cook your meals outside, and in structured activities designed around the group’s goals. This is a busy trip and there won’t be a lot of downtime (which is part of the fun), but there will still be plenty of time to relax and enjoy a break from school in a beautiful environment.

How do I apply?

Applications will be announced for this trip once COVID-19 precautions permit the trip to take place, in December 2020 at the earliest. For additional questions, please email Outdoor Adventures.

Do I need to know how to swim or camp to come on this trip?

No pre-existing skills are needed for this trip. We will have an instruction session in the pool to teach canoeing skills and basic water comfort as needed by the group.

No outdoor or camping/canoeing experience is necessary for this trip.

All you need to bring is a positive attitude and an open mind. This trip will be challenging, but everything you will need for the trip will be provided and our trained staff will be ready to support you as you explore a new environment and learn new skills with your trip group. All participants of any skill level are welcomed.