Custom Sports Events and Equipment

NC State Students playing pool battleship

We offer a number of custom group special event options for NC State student organizations and university departments. Events include bubble soccer, pool battleship, life-size Hungry Hungry Hippos and more. Events may be scheduled at Wellness and Recreation facilities or can be brought to your location on campus.

Custom Sport Event Offerings

Bubble Soccer

Enjoy knocking your friends or co-workers over in a game of bubble soccer with our inflatable Knockerballs. Teams of three to five compete against each other in an inflatable bubble soccer game where scoring goals comes second to bouncing off opponents.


Pool Battleship

Sink your opponents and be the last boat afloat. Pool Battleship is played with teams of three to four in canoes in a pool. Each team is equipped with buckets and/or custom water-throwing objects to throw water into enemy boats.


Life-Size Hungry Hungry Hippos

Capture as many balls as possible in our life-sized version of the classic game Hungry Hungy Hippos. Teams of three to four take turns being pushed on a floor cart to capture balls in their team’s basket and bring them back to their side.


Big Pink Volleyball

Regular volleyball not quite what you’re looking for? We’ve got a bigger and better alternative. This massive volleyball takes two players to serve over the net and makes for a unique and fun volleyball experience. Can be played indoor or outdoor.


Event packages include facility rental (if applicable), staffing and equipment rental. For more information on rates and to schedule your event, please contact:

Sports Programs

Sports Equipment Rental

Looking to rent some sports equipment or lawn games for your next event? We offer a wide variety of options including Spike Ball, cornhole, flag football belts/pylons, Kan-Jam and even a Pop-A-Shot inflatable. Rental is available for NC State student organizations or University departments. For any questions, or to reserve equipment, please contact:

Sports Programs

Sports Equipment Rental Rates

ItemDay Rate
Kan-Jam set (with frisbee)$10/set
Spikeball set$10/set
Corhnhole set$10/set
Dodgeball set (6 balls)$10/set
Pop-up goal set$10/set
Flag football belts (20/set)$10/set
Jerseys (10-12 per loop)$10/loop
Kickball set (ball and bases)$10/set
Wiffleball set (bat, balls, bases, strike zone)$20/set
Cricket set (bat, hard tennis balls, 2 wickets, stumps, gloves, helmet)$50/set