Student Wellness Programs

Students Taking a Yoga Class

Living a healthy lifestyle at NC State means carving out time for yourself. Take advantage of the unique wellness programs that are developed with students in mind.

Student Wellness Coaching

Setting goals is only part of the equation. Work with one of our certified wellness coaches to develop an action plan for leading a healthy life.

Howl and Chill

Take time to chill with Howl and Chill. Monthly offerings to help you relax, de-stress and practice self-care — all at no cost.

Wellness Quest

Wellness Quest Module

This module provides all the tips and resources you need to live your happiest and healthiest life at NC State.

Workshops and Education Sessions

We have more than 15 wellness workshops and education sessions about stress, self-care, mindfulness, resilience, financial well-being, boundaries and much more.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is a financial well-being program designed to help you learn to manage your money effectively and make wise financial decisions.