Wolfpack Wellness 101 Module

Wolfpack Wellness 101 is an online module that helps students to live their happiest, healthiest lives while at NC State. The interactive module allows students to explore different parts of campus such as Talley Student Union, Carmichael Complex, Student Health Services and others.

With this interactive journey, students will learn about the resources available to them and learn skills that can help manage stress, get more physical activity and become involved on campus.

How do I enroll

  1. Visit the Wolfpack Wellness 101 module.
  2. Use the left login box and log in using your Unity ID and password
  3. Click “Enroll Me”
  4. Begin the module by clicking on “Wolfpack Wellness 101 – Getting Started”

Wolfpack Wellness Badges

After completing Wolfpack Wellness 101, you will:

  • Discover the meaning of the six elements of wellness and how they impact NC State students
  • Recognize wellness programs and resources available to NC State students
  • Identify important dietary and physical activity guidelines
  • Apply knowledge of wellness resources and programs to live a healthy and active lifestyle at NC State.
  • Identify the top five academic impediments for NC State students, and examine ways to combat these issues utilizing campus resources.