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small group fitness class taking place in the Pack Training Den

Group Training

Experience the power of exercising in an inclusive, community-based environment with progressive programming and intentional coaching. Group training strives to enhance a participant’s overall fitness while focusing on different aspects of skill development. All classes are coached by nationally-certified trainers.

  • Small class sizes with a max of eight participants.
  • Regular classes meeting over multiple weeks (frequency varies by program, please see below).
  • All classes are coached by nationally-certified trainers and instructors.
  • An inclusive community environment to motivate and support all participants. You belong here!

workout in the pack training den


This comprehensive program is designed to enhance your health and function through a progressive approach to strength, power and metabolic conditioning, and will challenge your full body through a variety of movement patterns and equipment.

There are no PackFit offerings at this time – please check back!

workout in the pack training den

PackStrong: Learn to Lift

This program is designed to enhance your knowledge, form and technique of foundational strength training movements. Focus will be on barbell movements (squat, deadlift, bench press, etc.), to increase your confidence in lifting and create a well-rounded workout routine.

Yoga class

Advanced Yoga

Deepen your Yoga practice with progressive flows, advanced poses and guided meditations. Participants will work on inversions and learning sun salutation sequences to flow on your own.

There are no Advanced Yoga offerings at this time – please check back!

Community Workouts

Hosted in the newly-renovated Pack Training Den, these 30-minute workouts that will challenge your muscular endurance, power and metabolic conditioning. These workouts are offered at no extra cost to members.

Exercise is Medicine®

Exercise is Medicine® On Campus (EIM-OC) calls upon universities and colleges to promote physical activity as a vital sign of health. In partnership with the Counseling Center and Campus Health, this medical and counseling referral program prescribes exercise to students in an effort to alleviate mental health and chronic disease symptoms.


For questions regarding our small group training program, please contact: