Carmichael Addition and Renovation Project Underway: Here’s What to Expect.

Carmichael Rendering

This week, the Carmichael Addition and Renovation Project officially begins. As construction starts, here is what users may experience as they visit the Carmichael Complex.

Parking Impacts

Users will experience decreased parking availability specifically in the Carmichael Gym parking lot. Please visit the NCSU Transportation parking impacts page for additional information related to campus parking impacts.

Navigating the Carmichael Complex

The entrance to the Carmichael Gym has relocated to the Casey Aquatic Center entrance, located on the west side of the Carmichael Complex. Member Services has also relocated to the lobby of the Casey Aquatic Center. Hours of operation of Member Services will be consistent with Carmichael Gym hours.

To access the Carmichael Recreation Center, users can enter from the single door, located at the exterior stairwell on the west side of the building.

Offline Spaces

Through the duration of the project, the following spaces have been taken offline:

  • Racquetball courts 1-5, in the Carmichael Gym, will be offline and converted into offices for Health and Exercise Studies. Courts 8-17 are available for racquetball and handball use.
  • The Carmichael Gym 1309 weight room will be offline and used for Health and Exercise Studies faculty office space. Carmichael Gym 1308 weight room will remain open for fitness activity when not scheduled for Health and Exercise Studies classes.
  • Carmichael Gym Racquetball Court 6, room 1315 is now a kickboxing/multipurpose room for Health and Exercise and University Recreation programming.
  • Table tennis has moved from the Carmichael Administration building to Carmichael Gym racquetball court 7. Tables are available upon request.
  • Carmichael Gym racquetball court 18 is converted to a dual-purpose racquetball/handball and squash court. Please contact a University Recreation team member to set the court up, as needed.
  • The Combat Room, located in the basement of the Carmichael Administration building, has been relocated to Carmichael Gym, room 1315 (formerly racquetball court 6). This space is available for recreational use, except for times reserved for Health and Exercise Studies class and University Recreation programming. Recreation hours can be found by visiting our hours of operation.

During construction, we will maintain nine dedicated racquetball/handball courts and at least one squash court.