Certification and Training Programs

Learn to Inspire the Pack with NC State’s Certification & Training Programs:

  1. Gain hands-on experience to apply your knowledge and training
  2. Learn in a supportive and inclusive environment lead by our team of WellRec Professionals
  3. Further your career with the opportunity to join the Wellness and Recreation team


ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Become a nationally certified Group Fitness instructor with the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively lead others through motivating and inclusive fitness classes.




NASM Personal Trainer

Become a nationally certified Personal Trainer with the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively help people reach their fitness goals through 1-on-1 training.




ACE Health Coach

Become a nationally certified Health Coach with the knowledge and skills to help people adopt a long-term state of improved well-being.



FitWell Award

Wellness and Recreation is committed to increasing equity and diversity in fitness and wellness and making high impact opportunities available for all students. The Diversity and Inclusion in Certification Experiences is application-based with a holistic review of each student’s need, background and experiences, justification and interests in the course(s). This award only applies to the courses offered by Wellness and Recreation during any given semester and may include ACE Group Fitness Instructor course, ACE Health Coach course, NASM Personal Trainer course.

Certifications are a professional development opportunity. To help create accessibility to this opportunity for current students of NC State, award applications are available for submission each year. These awards are to further the mission and philosophy of Wellness and Recreation. Applying and/or being selected for an award is not a guarantee employment with Wellness and Recreation.


  • Must be a current NC State student enrolled in a minimum or 9 undergraduate credit hours or 4.5 graduate credit hours.
  • In good standing with the university

If you are selected to receive an award, you will be notified directly via email.


External Certifications

We host various nationally recognized fitness workshops and certifications to help foster the growth and development of those within the fitness community. Third-party organizations manage all external certifications, and questions are best addressed directly with each organization.

For questions about our Certification Courses, please contact: