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Education Sessions

Level up your wellness knowledge with one of our interactive and informational sessions designed for classrooms, departmental meetings and student organizations. Select from the catalog below or book us for a custom workshop.

Session Catalog

Wellness is more than eating healthy and exercising. This session will introduce you to the six elements of wellness recognized at NC State, and how you can take steps to foster them through resources, knowledge, and experiences.

Life is tough, but so are you! This session defines resiliency from the context of overcoming day-to-day challenges so that you can learn to thrive at NC State.

Moving your body is good for your mind. Learn about the benefits of regular movement and the impact it can have on your mood, mindset, and overall health. In this session we will discuss the common barriers and simple solutions to help you move more with Wellness and Recreation.

Balancing classes, work and personal life can be overwhelming. This session will introduce you to mindfulness strategies that help you upload the positive and download the negative to keep you in a grounded state of mind.

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes, and not all stress is bad. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of stress management and techniques you can use to improve your relationship with everyday stressors. 

Time management challenges are common in the university environment and can lead to unnecessary stress. This session provides techniques for utilizing “you” time efficiently to promote a well-balanced lifestyle.

Learn the foundations of taking care of yourself so you can feel healthy, happy and whole. In this session, we go beyond the definition of self-care to identify your personal needs and create simple steps for meeting them.

There’s more to a good night’s rest than the number of hours you sleep. Learn more about proper sleep hygiene and how it can impact your health and well-being long term.

Custom Workshops

Not seeing what you’re looking for? We can create a custom workshop experience for your group, department or student organization. Wellness workshops are crafted to be an experiential opportunity that provides easy access to interactive activities, information and resources tailored for your group’s needs. All custom workshops are booked at a two-hour minimum fee rate.

  • NC State Student Groups | $50/hour
  • NC State Departments | $75/hour
  • Centennial Affiliates | $100/hour

Relaxation Stations

Relaxation stations excite the senses with tactile experiences that boost your overall well-being. Have a space in mind already? We will come to you! Pricing for relaxation stations are booked at a flat rate and are intended for groups ranging from 20-40 people. For larger groups, prices may vary. 

  • NC State Student Groups | $125
  • NC State Departments | $225
  • Centennial Affiliates | $250

Activity bundles are available upon request.

Important Notes:

  • A minimum of five participants is required to book either an education session or workshop.
  • Education sessions and workshops must be requested two weeks prior to the preferred date.


For questions regarding wellness education sessions and workshops, please contact: