Strategic Plan

Updated – September 2019

This plan shall serve as a dynamic, living, action-oriented, visionary roadmap for decisions that are both driven and supported by the Wellness and Recreation mission, vision and pillars.

The plan will align and complement the DASA Strategic Plan and provide direction for our marketing, communication and assessment. This road map will highlight and identify where Wellness and Recreation is going and how they are going to get there.


Inspire growth, education and philanthropy in the pursuit of excellence.

Goal 1

Enhance and strengthen alumni relationships through engagement and communication.

  • Develop programs, communication channels and awards to enhance student, alumni and community giving.
  • Take an active role in planning for the annual NC State Day of Giving.
  • Collaborate with NC State Development teams to educate the Wolfpack community about the Wellness and Recreation Center.

Goal 2

Support and provide opportunities for staff to actively participate and engage in professional development.

  • Identify core learning outcomes, standards and experiences for all student-employees.
  • Develop an annual curriculum to deliver to student-employees, enhancing job-related skills, risk management and experiences.
  • Identify workplace health and safety training needs for each position and ensure the necessary training is completed.
  • Identify pathways to increase cultural competency for professional and student-employees.
  • Develop core competencies for professionals to demonstrate steps needed for growth, advancement and position changes.

Goal 3

Engage and participate in service opportunities that benefit the NC State community.


Enhance performance through sustainable and impactful practices.

Goal 1

Practice fiscal measures and planning that produce outcomes for a sustainable future.

  • Develop strategies for new revenue streams such as partnerships, grants and endowments.

Goal 2

Maintain high-quality facilities and spaces.

  • Develop processes to ensure sustainable practices.
  • Maintain a clean and welcoming facility.

Goal 3

Use the Wellness and Recreation strategic communication plan to guide communication efforts.

  • Implement marketing campaigns and strategies to increase brand recognition through social media, storytelling and participant engagement.
  • Inform and educate the NC State community on the value and impact of Wellness and Recreation programs and services.

Goal 4

Develop a 3-year assessment plan guided by the Wellness and Recreation mission.

  • Measure the success of programming to support and enhance the well-being and success of students.


Create a community that supports well-being and collaboration to motivate positive behavior change.

Goal 1

Seek and create mutually beneficial partnerships, both on and off campus, that have measurable benefits for all parties.

  • Collaborate with partners in pursuit of efficient and effective delivery of programs and services related to well-being that promote a healthier campus.
  • Become a centralized hub for wellness, highlighting partnerships and services that support the development of students.

Goal 2

Develop intervention-based programming that supports student success.