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Commitment to Inclusion

Wellness and Recreation is committed to fostering innovative and inclusive programs, services and facilities that are accessible for every member of the Wolfpack community. To continue our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging we strive to provide resources, transparent communication and collaboration with NC State campus partners to enhance student success.

NC State defines diversity as an inclusive community of people with varied human characteristics, ideas and worldviews whose interactions both benefit and challenge each other to grow while making the community better.

Wellness and Recreation encourages individuals from varied backgrounds and identities to participate in all programs, facilities and services – to promote personal growth and enhance the community. 

  • Equity – Wellness and Recreation recognizes the unique needs of the NC State community and creates opportunities for equal access and success through a variety of programming and facilities to accommodate individual abilities and interests.
  • Inclusion – Wellness and Recreation strives to provide opportunities, spaces and guidelines for all members of the community to feel safe, included and welcome.
  • Belonging – Wellness and Recreation values the community and strives to create an environment where students, faculty, staff and members can interact, grow and engage through programs, facilities and services. 

Wellness and Recreation is open to feedback that supports positive change and is committed to ongoing education and training for professional and student employees. 

We are committed to a welcoming and secure campus environment for all members of the university community.

Wellness and Recreation strives to provide opportunities, spaces and guidelines for all members of the community to feel safe, included and welcome.

  • Wellness and Recreation often receives requests to create spaces limiting access to programs, services and facilities for a specific population (e.g. women’s only fitness classes, faculty and staff only work out times). Given the nature of the type of services provided, Wellness and Recreation does not provide “only” programs, services or facilities due to unintentional consequences of exclusion. 
  • Wellness and Recreation has five private fitness studios located on the third floor of the Wellness and Recreation Center. All rooms are open during facility hours and have doors for private use.
  • Wellness and Recreation is committed to continued partnership with various departments and groups to provide custom programming.

ADA pool lift:

The Willis R. Casey Aquatic Center provides wheelchair accessibility onto the pool deck for spectating purposes and pool use. ADA compliant lifts are available for individuals to enter and exit both the 25-yard and the 50-meter pools.

Single occupant locker rooms and restrooms:

We have several single occupant locker rooms and restrooms located on the first floor of the facility.

  • 1133: near elevator bay by the Climbing Center
  • 1226/1228: (pictured left) hallway leading to the Aquatic Center
  • 1301/1303: to the right in the lobby space in Carmichael Gym West
  • 1411/1414: in Aquatic Center near exterior doors
  • 1518/1519: in Aquatic Center on 50-yard pool deck


There are three sets of elevators located throughout the facility:

  • Wellness and Recreation Center (East): First hallway on the right
  • Wellness and Recreation Center (South): To the right of the entrance
  • Carmichael Gym (West): Across from main staircase

Accessible fitness equipment:

Wellness and Recreation offers wheelchair-accessible cardio equipment in the form of arm-ergometers. Each arm-ergometer provides a removable seat allowing for the addition of a wheelchair with ease. There are various multifunctional, accessible pieces of cable strength equipment – each piece of equipment includes easy-reach handles for improved accessibility.

Active Study Space:

The Active Study Space is an open concept fitness area designed to inspire movement while you work or study. Located on the second floor of the Wellness and Recreation Center near the group fitness studios, this space includes tables, chairs, stability balls and cardio equipment equipped with desks and power outlets.

Les Mills in-studio virtual fitness classes:

Virtual fitness classes hosted by Les Mills are offered inside Studio 2609 for free. This format is similar to our traditional group fitness offerings, but classes are led by master instructors in a less formal setting. Participants must register in advance to save their spot in class.

Private fitness studios:

We have five private fitness studios available for drop-in use. All rooms are open during facility hours and have doors that close for privacy.

Located in 3600 (third floor of the Wellness and Recreation Center, across the sky bridge), there is a single large room that can be used by small groups and four smaller rooms with various fitness equipment, including Echelon Mirrors and TVs.

Located in room 2152 on the second floor of the Wellness and Recreation Center, we provide a secure and comfortable personal health room that includes a countertop, mirror, chair, paper towels and power outlets. Restrooms are located directly across the hall.


  • A keypad code is required to access this room and the door is lockable from the inside. For access to this space, please ask the staff at Member Services or call (919) 515-7529.
  • Please knock before entering.

For more information on resources, please visit NC State’s Pregnancy and Parenting page. 

Wellness and Recreation encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities in all programs and services. To facilitate opportunities for people with and without disabilities to engage in recreational pursuits together, we provide inclusion support services, including, but not limited to, staff support and adaptive equipment.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, NC State will honor requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities.

Requests can be served more effectively if notice is provided at least 10 days before the event. Direct accommodation requests to:

Coordinator, Member Services
P: (919) 515-7488