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Join the more than 600 NC State students employed by Wellness and Recreation annually. Work in a dynamic environment that offers flexible scheduling and real-world experience by developing professional and transferable skills to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Students are eligible to work with Wellness and Recreation if you are an on-campus, degree-seeking student and are enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits for undergraduate or 4.5 for graduate students.
  • Following the interview process, students selected for employment must attend an orientation. All new employees must be prepared to bring documentation and identification to their orientation.

Student Employee Recruitment

There are no open positions at this time. The next hiring session will open on Monday, March 18 at 9 a.m.


Headshot of Parker Shahdad
Parker Shahdad ’23

Parker Shahdad ’23 worked as a Wellness and Recreation facility and sports programs supervisor and studied accounting. Parker shared, “As a student employee at WellRec, my experience [was] nothing short of amazing. I grew to love [my job], and that is mainly in part to the relationships I have built with my coworkers… The experiences and opportunities in my time working with WellRec are truly one of a kind and ended up defining my time at NC State. I cannot recommend working here enough for anybody at NC State looking to find their place, because I was in that same position at one point. This job has had a lasting impact on my life and I want to share that with others in any way I can.

Hannah Williams headshot
Hannah Williams ’22

Hannah Williams ’22 worked as a Wellness and Recreation program assistant with sports programs and majored in Biology with a concentration in Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience and a Psychology minor. Hannah earned All-American Honors in January 2022 at the NIRSA National Flag Football Championships and received a bid to officiate at the NIRSA National Basketball Championships. Hannah is the first female All-American Official at NC State University. Hannah shared, “Wellness and Recreation has helped me become a stronger leader by developing my professionalism on and off of the fields and by supporting my ambition throughout my career here. The people who work for WellRec are the most encouraging people you will ever meet!” Read Hannah’s story, Earning Her Stripes.

Chris Watts headshot
Chris Watts ’22

Chris Watts ’22 worked as a Wellness and Recreation facility supervisor and majored in textile engineering with a concentration in product engineering. Chris shared, “WellRec has been the greatest college job anyone could ask for. From meeting my best friends in college to being able to practice my leadership and other career development skills, this job has given me everything I could ask for.” Read Chris’s story, Running the Point.

Katherine Bublitz headshot
Katherine Bublitz ’22

Katherine Bublitz ’22 worked as a group fitness instructor with Wellness and Recreation and majored in business administration. Katherine shared, “Wellness and Recreation brought me a campus community when I was an overwhelmed freshman unsure of where to go to get involved. The WellRec community has supported me through the various ups and downs of college life and it has also brought me my best friends here at NC State. My time at WellRec has been slightly unorthodox, as lots of life has been due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but nonetheless, I’m sincerely grateful for my time. Although I am sad to be leaving this community behind in May, I know new classes of students coming to NC State in the fall and beyond will take great care of it.” Read Katherine’s story, Helping Others Through Movement.

Matt Jarman headshot
Matt Jarman ’09

Matt Jarman ’09 worked for Wellness and Recreation as a competitive sports supervisor, evaluator, official and member services specialist. He received his degree in Psychology and went on to get his Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. Matt currently works as a Strategic Sales Manager with Searchspring and is a Division I Men’s Basketball Official. Matt shared, “NC State WellRec (then UREC) gave purpose and direction to my college experience. Prior to starting as an official, I was truly just a college student floating in the wind. I had friends, had fun, and enjoyed my time — but there was nothing to attach to. UREC became my source of community, family and connection – all while teaching me valuable life skills. Little did I know that it would become such a big piece of my life and career (graduate degree, first professional job and avocation in officiating). I’ll forever be grateful that I took the plunge and went to one of those officials’ training sessions to make $8 an hour.”

Katherine Miller headshot
Katherine Miller ’19

Katherine Miller ’19, worked as a Wellness and Recreation Outdoor Adventures rental assistant, trip leader and challenge course facilitator. Kat received her degree in Crop and Soil Science and now works at the University of Arkansas as the Coordinator for UREC Outdoors. Kat shared, “My experiences at WellRec showed me my love for collegiate recreation and expanded my love of the outdoors. The leadership skills and experiences I had with the outdoor adventures program helped prepare me for a successful career of helping other college students get outside at the University of Arkansas.

Student Employee Recognition

There are opportunities for continuing training, development and recognition through the John F. Miller, Wellness and Recreation Friends and Family Scholarship and the Employee of the Year Awards. These awards are presented annually at the Wolfies, the Wellness and Recreation team end of year celebration.

John F. Miller Award Winners

Named after the first Physical Education and Athletics department head and the creator of the first Intramural Sports program at NC State, John F. Miller, this award recognizes an exceptional student team member within Wellness and Recreation.

The John F. Miller Award recognizes a top student in collegiate recreation who is employed by Wellness and Recreation. This award is given to a program assistant that demonstrates leadership, teamwork, professionalism, a commitment to leading a healthy, active lifestyle and a positive representation of Wellness and Recreation.

  • Full-time undergraduate or graduate student at NC State University at the time of nomination, graduating senior and taking less than the required hours to fulfill their graduation requirements or graduated from NC State within the academic year that the award is being bestowed.
  • Nominees must be program assistants with Wellness and Recreation.
  • Worked with Wellness and Recreation for a minimum of three (3) semesters.
  • Nominees must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students must be nominated by a full-time Wellness and Recreation professional or a student team member with Wellness and Recreation.
  • Recipients may only receive the award once.
RecipientProgram AreaYear
Joanna WenchellMember Services2022-2023
Hannah WilliamsSports Programs2021-2022
Bharat KarunakaranSports Programs2020-2021
Jarred TaylorWellness2019-2020
Jordan KelberFacility Operations2018-2019
Chloe ShevlinFitness2017-2018
Brandon SmithSports Programs2016-2017
Kara Van NiceAquatics2015-2016
Zach MehlenbacherSports Programs2014-2014
Justin MumfordFacility Operations, Member Services2013-2014
Ryan Unsworth Aquatics2012-2013
Aaron Harper Sports Programs2011-2012
Brian CoxFacility Operations2011-2012

Wellness and Recreation Friends and Family Scholarship Winners

This $500 scholarship recognizes student employees who encourage and inspire the Wolfpack community to live actively and serve as a role model for healthy and balanced living.

RecipientProgram Area(s)Year
Rachel FalkowskiFitness2023-2024
Lily PalmerWellness2023-2024
Katelynn RoarkFitness2022-2023
Benjamin BiedrzyckiFacility Operations2022-2023
Katherine BublitzFitness2021-2022
Chris WattsFacility Operations2021-2022
Dani DaltonFitness, Outdoor Adventures2020-2021
Carson KelberFitness, Wellness2020-2021
Katherine MansfieldFitness2019-2020
Clare BlossFacility Operations2019-2020
Lite LimSports Programs2018-2019
Victoria PattersonMember Services2018-2019

Regional and National Award Winners

Many of our student team leaders are recognized on the regional and national level from organizations such as NIRSA, Leaders in Collegiate Recreation or the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE).

Derek ApplewhiteNIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership and Academic Award2017-2018
Brandon SmithNIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership and Academic Award2016-2017
Justin MumfordNIRSA Foundation Scholarship2014-2015
Leslie OmanNIRSA Region II Excellence Grant2014-2015
Greg WilsonAORE Student Scholarship2014-2015
Lindsay RazcNIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership and Academic Award2013-2014
Justin MumfordNIRSA J. Michael Dunn Student Professional Development Workshop2013-2014

Student Employee of the Year Award Winners

The Employee of the Year Awards are given to one student per job that exemplifies everything that it means to be a successful employee and stand out among their peers.

Mason HunterLifeguard2022-2023
Brielle JacksonSwim Lesson Instructor2022-2023
Bella PriggeHealth and Safety Instructor2022-2023
Lauren GarlinghouseAquatics Supervisor2022-2023
Jun YangLifeguard2021-2022
Akshita PatilSwim Lesson Instructor2021-2022
Joanna PattersonAquatics Supervisor2021-2022
Sydney GyurekHealth and Safety Instructor2021-2022
Micheal GrayHealth and Safety Instructor2020-2021
Christina KranzLifeguard2020-2021
Battle NicholsAquatics Supervisor2020-2021
Thomas VaughnAquatics Supervisor2019-2020
Justin RestrepoHealth and Safety Instructor2019-2020
Cailin O’KeeffeSwim Lesson Instructor2019-2020
Madeline AndersonLifeguard2019-2020
Carter EdwardsAquatics Supervisor2018-2019
Jonah AndrewsSwim Lesson Instructor2018-2019
Trevor VookLifeguard2018-2019
Audrey BolanosAquatics Supervisor2017-2018
Kiana VillianuevaSwim Lesson Instructor2017-2018
Anna HoytLifeguard2017-2018
Julian BrodieAquatics Supervisor2016-2017
Jordan KrumanockerSwim Lesson Instructor2016-2017
Kimberly DaleLifeguard2016-2017
Stephen BoyleAquatics Supervisor2015-2016
JoEllen HogoboomSwim Lesson Instructor2015-2016
Lucas FautuaLifeguard2015-2016
Stephen BoyleLifeguard2014-2015
Carrigan ChastainAquatics Supervisor2014-2015
Emily SchulzEvent Assistant2014-2015
Tim LeimerLifeguard2013-2014
Kara Van NiceAquatics Supervisor2013-2014
Jacob BiedrzyckiFacility Assistant2022-2023
Morgan MillerEvent Supervisor2022-2023
Ryan NapierFacility Supervisor2022-2023
Parker ShahdadFacility Supervisor2021-2022
Antony John EdathattilFacility Assistant2021-2022
Sara TonnesenFacility Supervisor2020-2021
Loulou BattaFacility Assistant2020-2021
Matt LoflinFacility Supervisor2019-2020
Holly HuffineFacility Operations Specialist2019-2020
Leo JaffeFacility Assistant2019-2020
Ann-Hunter CarrawayFacility Assistant2018-2019
Simon BlotkoFacility Operations Specialist2018-2019
Eric LiFacility Operations Maintenance2018-2019
Ryan GallagherFacility Supervisor2018-2019
Kiran ManojFacility Assistant2017-2018
Zachary SansaveraFacility Supervisor2017-2018
Matthew SutterbyFacility Operations Maintenance2017-2018
Stephanie SwannFacility Assistant2016-2017
Anthony GreeneFacility Supervisor2016-2017
Jacob BrooksFacility Operations Maintenance2016-2017
Katie MurrayFacility Assistant2015-2016
Danny PrevatteFacility Supervisor2015-2016
Deanna LaEvent Assistant2014-2015
Anna SvancarekFacility Assistant2014-2015
Steven BoehmFacility Supervisor2014-2015
Laura PowerEquipment Room Assistant2013-2014
Emily JamesEvent Assistant2013-2014
Will FieldsEvent Supervisor2013-2014
Lauren GerringerEvent Supervisor2013-2014
Megan JeffriesFacility Assistant2013-2014
John NagelFacility Operations Maintenance2013-2014
Justin LeitchFacility Supervisor2013-2014
Brooke RoedFitness Assistant2022-2023
Victoria WrightGroup Fitness Instructor2022-2023
Emily BairdCoach2022-2023
Bellina JohnsonPersonal Trainer2022-2023
Taylor VenezialiFitness Assistant2021-2022
Reese DaitGroup Fitness Instructor2021-2022
Lydia WellsPersonal Trainer2021-2022
Justin AllambyPersonal Trainer2020-2021
Abby StricklerGroup Fitness Instructor2020-2021
Brooks GodboldFitness Assistant2020-2021
Gabby XiongPersonal Trainer2019-2020
Katherine MansfieldGroup Fitness Instructor2019-2020
Claire MaskeFitness Assistant2019-2020
Dajana Gaube-OgleStrength and Conditioning Assistant2018-2019
Anna Beam-MitchellGroup Fitness Instructor2018-2019
Michael HuntPersonal Trainer2018-2019
Kate HoustonStrength and Conditioning Assistant, Fitness Assistant2017-2018
Bronwyn CortezGroup Fitness Instructor2017-2018
Austin PaytesPersonal Trainer2017-2018
Ryan QuistorffStrength and Conditioning Assistant, Fitness Assistant2016-2017
Coley LyonGroup Fitness Instructor2016-2017
Peter CiaccioPersonal Trainer2016-2017
Jaylyn MillerStrength and Conditioning Assistant, Fitness Assistant2015-2016
Kristen NavaroliGroup Fitness Instructor2015-2016
Germain Singa-CraddockPersonal Trainer2015-2016
Jess ButnerStrength and Conditioning Assistant, Fitness Assistant2014-2015
Ciara OdenGroup Fitness Instructor2014-2015
Nick GregoryPersonal Trainer2014-2015
Jeffrey FlorenceGroup Fitness Instructor2013-2014
Germain Singa-CraddockPersonal Trainer2013-2014
Seraphina BieniekMarketing Assistant2022-2023
Sam DotsonMarketing Assistant2021-2022
Aubrey IzurietaMarketing Assistant2019-2020
Allona WilkersonMarketing Assistant2018-2019
Julia FaleweeMarketing Assistant2017-2018
Alan BishelMarketing Assistant2016-2017
Cherif GueyeMarketing Assistant2015-2016
Riley MeekMarketing Assistant2014-2015
Samantha SianoMarketing Assistant2013-2014
Matthew KulikowskiMember Services Specialist2022-2023
Laurel HeyMember Services Specialist2021-2022
Ashleigh SteadmanMember Services Specialist2020-2021
Je’Lia RussellMember Services Specialist2019-2020
Natalie DaughtryMember Services Specialist2018-2019
Renesha BowmanMember Services Specialist2017-2018
Massiel MedinaMember Services Specialist2016-2017
Hope PadgettMember Services Specialist2015-2016
Maggie FuentesMember Services Specialist2014-2015
Alex PolkMember Services Specialist2013-2014
Katie ShapiroRental Assistant2022-2023
Katie JansenTrip Leader2022-2023
Chase LizarraldeClimbing Wall Specialist2022-2023
Kaelyn NelsonChallenge Course Facilitator2022-2023
Caleb MeaderBike Mechanic, Gear Repair Specialist2021-2022
Chip RaynorRental Assistant2021-2022
Massey StichterChallenge Course Facilitator2021-2022
Jake WilsonClimbing Wall Specialist2021-2022
Conner BorkowskiTrip Leader2021-2022
Caitlin Reilly Challenge Course Facilitator2020-2021
Anna Beth AdcockClimbing Wall Specialist2020-2021
Alyssa SchneiderRental Assistant2020-2021
Massey StrichterChallenge Course Facilitator2019-2020
Ben LearnClimbing Wall Specialist2019-2020
Savannah EverettTrip Leader2019-2020
John StayBike Mechanic, Gear Repair Specialist2019-2020
Georgie ExtonRental Assistant2019-2020
John WallaceRental Assistant2018-2019
Christian RustBike Mechanic2018-2019
Katherine MillerTrip Leader2018-2019
Evan KearseClimbing Wall Specialist2018-2019
Sean BettsChallenge Course Facilitator2018-2019
Sean BettsBike Mechanic2017-2018
Amy HindsRental Assistant2017-2018
Joshua GlazerTeam Building Facilitator2017-2018
Megan HesterClimbing Wall Specialist2017-2018
Garnett BullockTip Leader2017-2018
Noah Hartzell-JordanBike Mechanic2016-2017
Ryen ParnoRental Assistant2016-2017
Ethan BriggsTeam Building Facilitator2016-2017
Joli StavishClimbing Wall Specialist2016-2017
Nicholas HarwoodTrip Leader2016-2017
Paul GannettRental Assistant, Bike Mechanic2015-2016
Cody EarnhardtClimbing Wall Specialist2015-2016
Laura TomkinsTrip Leader2015-2016
Lucas JonesChallenge Course Team Building Apprentice2015-2016
Graham ViaChallenge Course Team Building Facilitator, Lead Facilitator2015-2016
Alex ClarkRental Assistant, Bike Mechanic2014-2015
Rebekah PettyClimbing Wall Specialist2014-2015
Thomas LinebergerTrip Leader2014-2015
Ethan BriggsChallenge Course Team Building Apprentice2014-2015
Morgan DanyiChallenge Course Team Building Facilitator2014-2015
Jenny GoughRental Assistant2013-2014
Christopher HolmesBike Mechanic2013-2014
Tyler SimmonsClimbing Wall Specialist2013-2014
Will EdmonsonTrip Leader2013-2014
Christopher KuczkowskiChallenge Course Team Building Apprentice2013-2014
Morgan CheekChallenge Course Team Building Facilitator2013-2014
Lauren ByrneChallenge Course Team Building Lead Facilitator2013-2014
Tamia EveretteScorekeeper2022-2023
Max GreenOfficial2022-2023
Hudson CarpenterEvaluator2022-2023
Federica LentiSports Programs Supervisor2022-2023
Nathaniel Kolk-TomberlinScorekeeper2021-2022
Jared BoudreauOfficial2021-2022
Adonis BeltonEvaluator2021-2022
Chinmay AndhareSports Programs Supervisor2021-2022
Colin ReyerSports Programs Supervisor2020-2021
Evan ReyerOfficial2020-2021
Carter EdwardsSports Programs Supervisor2019-2020
Kristy GreenEvaluator2019-2020
Tommy DeLaunayOfficial2019-2020
Brooks GodboldScorekeeper2019-2020
Nathan HillMaintenance Assistant2019-2020
Justin FryeScorekeeper2018-2019
Bharat Karunakaran (BK)Official2018-2019
Matt HartlEvaluator2018-2019
Brendan HilfertySports Programs Supervisor2018-2019
Amy NussmanScorekeeper2017-2018
Wyatt HowardOfficial2017-2018
Andrew HorneEvaluator2017-2018
Matthew WilliamsSports Programs Supervisor2017-2018
Lite LimScorekeeper2016-2017
Matthew HarmodyOfficial2016-2017
Daniel BriggsEvaluator2016-2017
Anurag ChauhanSports Programs Supervisor2016-2017
Omar RosadoScorekeeper2015-2016
Derrick ApplewhiteOfficial2015-2016
Matthew GrochmalEvaluator2015-2016
Taylor HaynesSports Programs Supervisor2015-2016
Christopher DalyScorekeeper2014-2015
Tyler RohrbachOfficial2014-2015
Javion HendersonEvaluator2014-2015
Stephanie IgoSports Programs Supervisor2014-2015
Michele MakdadScorekeeper2013-2014
Brent KitchenOfficial2013-2014
Caleb LowmanEvaluator2013-2014
Andrew WilsonSports Programs Supervisor2013-2014
Lulu BlackWellness Assistant2022-2023
Lily PalmerWellness Coach2022-2023
Emma HardyWellness Assistant2021-2022
Annalise HafnerWellness Coach2021-2022
Cailin PetersonWellness Assistant2020-2021
Carson KelberWellness Coach2020-2021
Caroline GriffithWellness Assistant2019-2020
Zack JenioWellness Coach2019-2020
Jarred TaylorWellness Assistant2018-2019
Liz AimoneWellness Coach2018-2019
Abby CaudleWellness Assistant2017-2018
William RoweWellness Coach2017-2018
Jarred TaylorWellness Assistant2016-2017
Kelly CluteWellness Coach2016-2017
Nicole MullerWellness Coach2015-2016

Full-time Positions

All full-time positions will be posted on the NC State jobs portal.