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2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Updated – July 2022

This plan shall serve as a dynamic, living, action-oriented and visionary roadmap for decisions that are both driven and supported by the Wellness and Recreation mission and vision. This plan will highlight and identify where Wellness and Recreation is going and how they are going to get there.

Goal 1 – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Wellness and Recreation will champion a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and well-being. We are committed to providing an equitable, accessible and welcoming environment for the NC State community.

  1. Provide education and raise awareness on inclusive spaces (e.g. private fitness rooms, private changing rooms and showers, personal health room, single occupant locker rooms).
  2. Create a Wellness and Recreation DEIB statement.
  3. Review demographic data of participants (department and functional areas) and establish recruitment initiatives, as needed.
  4. Review demographic data of student employees and establish recruitment initiatives, as needed.
  5. Create strategies to connect with underrepresented groups to increase participation in programs, services and facilities.
  6. Identify pathways to increase cultural competency for professional and student-employees.

Goal 2 – Communication and Outreach

Wellness and Recreation will provide timely, clear and accurate information to the NC State community.

  1. Implement marketing campaigns and strategies to increase brand recognition through social media, storytelling and participant engagement.
  2. Inform and educate the NC State community on the value and impact of Wellness and Recreation programs and services.
  3. Develop a yearly program area communication plan.

Goal 3 – Staff Development

Wellness and Recreation student employees will acquire knowledge, skills and experiences to be productive leaders within the collegiate recreation community and prepared to contribute impactfully in a diverse, global society.

  1. Develop a plan for student employee recruitment and retention strategies.
  2. Identify core competencies and experiences for all student-employees.
  3. Create and highlight student employee skills (e.g. recruitment, onboarding, training and evaluations and graduation).
  4. Identify workplace health and safety training needs for each position and ensure the necessary training is completed.

Goal 4 – Facilities and Spaces

Wellness and Recreation will maintain high-quality facilities and spaces.

  1. Maintain a clean and welcoming facility.
  2. Communicate sustainable practices.
  3. Provide opportunities for users to learn more about facilities, programs and services.
  4. Improve digital media presence throughout the facility (e.g. daily schedules, maps, promotions).
  5. Provide educational materials to reduce barriers of participation 

Goal 5 – Programming

Wellness and Recreation will provide premier, inclusive and innovative programs.

  1. Create a community that supports well-being and collaboration to motivate positive behavior change.
  2. Collaborate with partners in pursuit of efficient and effective delivery of programs and services related to well-being that promote a healthier campus.