Student Employee Awards

NC State Students at the Wolfies

John F. Miller Award Winners

Named after the first department head of Physical Education and Athletics and the creator of the first Intramural Sports program at NC State, John F. Miller, the John F. Miller Award recognizes an exceptional student team member within Wellness and Recreation.

The John F. Miller Award recognizes a top student in collegiate recreation who is employed by Wellness and Recreation. This award is given to a Program Assistant that demonstrates leadership, teamwork, is committed to healthy, active lifestyles, demonstrates professionalism, and reflects a positive representation of Wellness and Recreation.

Award Criteria

  • Full-time undergraduate or graduate student at NC State University at the time of nomination, graduating senior and taking less than the required hours to fulfill their graduation requirements or graduated from NC State within the academic year that the award is being bestowed.
  • Nominees must be program assistants with Wellness and Recreation.
  • Worked with Wellness and Recreation for a minimum of three (3) semesters.
  • Nominees must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students must be nominated by a full-time Wellness and Recreation professional or a student team member with Wellness and Recreation.
  • Recipients may only receive the award once.
Recipient Area Year
Bharat Karunakaran Sports Programs 2020-2021
Jarred Taylor Wellness 2019-2020
Jordan Kelber Facility Operations 2018-2019
Chloe Shevlin Fitness 2017-2018
Brandon Smith Sports Programs 2016-2017
Kara Van Nice Aquatics 2015-2016
Zach Mehlenbacher Competitive Sports 2014-2015
Justin Mumford Facility Operations and Member Services 2013-2014
Ryan Unsworth Aquatics 2012-2013
Aaron Harper Competitive Sports 2011-2012
Brian Cox Facility Operations 2011-2012

Regional and National Award Winners

Derek Applewhite NIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership and Academic Award2017-2018
Brandon Smith NIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership and Academic Award2016-2017
Justin MumfordNIRSA Foundation Scholarship2014-2015
Leslie OmanNIRSA Region II Excellence Grant2014-2015
Greg WilsonAORE Student Scholarship2014-2015
Lindsay Razc NIRSA William N. Wasson Student Leadership and Academic Award2013-2014
Justin MumfordNIRSA J. Michael Dunn Student Professional Development Workshop2013-2014

Student Employee of The Year Award Winners

The Employee of the Year Awards are given to one student per job that exemplifies everything that it means to be a successful employee and stand out among their peers.


Recipient Position Year
Michael Gray Health and Safey Instructor 2020-2021
Christina Kranz Lifeguard 2020-2021
Battle Nichols Aquatics Supervisor 2020-2021
Thomas Vaughn Aquatics Supervisor 2019-2020
Justin Restrepo Health and Safety Instructor 2019-2020
Cailin O’Keeffe Swim Lesson Instructor 2019-2020
Madeline Anderson Lifeguard 2019-2020
Carter Edwards Aquatic Supervisor 2018-2019
Jonah Andrews Swim Lesson Instructor 2018-2019
Trevor Vook Lifeguard 2018-2019
Audrey Bolanos Aquatic Supervisor 2017-2018
Kiana Villianueva Swim Lesson Instructor 2017-2018
Anna Hoyt Lifeguard 2017-2018
Julian Brodie Aquatic Supervisor 2016-2017
Jordan Krumanocker Swim Lesson Instructor 2016-2017
Kimberly Dale Lifeguard 2016-2017
Stephen Boyle Aquatic Supervisor 2015-2016
JoEllen Hogoboom Swim Lesson Instructor 2015-2016
Lucas Fautua Lifeguard 2015-2016
Stephen Boyle Lifeguard 2014-2015
Carrigan Chastain Aquatic Supervisor 2014-2015
Tim Leimer Lifeguard 2013-2014
Kara Van Nice Aquatic Supervisor 2013-2014

Facility Operations

Recipient Position Year
Sara Tonnesen Facility Supervisor 2020-2021
Loulou Batta Facility Assistant 2020-2021
Matt Loflin Facility Supervisor 2019-2020
Holly Huffine Facility Specialist 2019-2020
Leo Jaffe Facility Assistant 2019-2020
Ann-Hunter Carraway Facility Operations Assistant 2018-2019
Simon Blotko Facility Operations Specialist 2018-2019
Eric Li Facility Operations Maintenance 2018-2019
Ryan Gallagher Facility Operations Supervisor 2018-2019
Kiran Manoj Facility Operations Assistant 2017-2018
Zachary Sansavera Facility Operations Supervisor 2017-2018
Matthew Sutterby Facility Operations Maintenance 2017-2018
Stephanie Swann Facility Operations Assistant 2016-2017
Anthony Greene Facility Operations Supervisor 2016-2017
Jacob Brooks Facility Operations Maintenance 2016-2017
Katie Murray Facility Operations Assistant 2015-2016
Danny Prevatte Facility Operations Supervisor 2015-2016
Deanna La Event Assistant 2014-2015
Anna Svancarek Facility Operations Assistant 2014-2015
Steven Boehm Facility Operations Supervisor 2014-2015
Laura Power Equipment Room Assistant 2013-2014
Emily James Event Assistant 2013-2014
Will Fields Event Supervisor 2013-2014
Lauren Gerringer Event Supervisor 2013-2014
Megan Jeffries Facilities Operations Assistant 2013-2014
John Nagel Facilities Operations Maintenance 2013-2014
Justin Leitch Facility Operations Supervisor 2013-2014


Recipient Position Year
Justin Allamby Personal Trainer 2020-2021
Abby Strickler Group Fitness Instructor 2020-2021
Brooks Godbold Fitness Assistant 2020-2021
Gabby Xiong Personal Trainer 2019-2020
Katherine Mansfield Group Fitness Instructor 2019-2020
Claire Maske Fitness Assistant 2019-2020
Dajana Gaube-Ogle Strength and Conditioning Assistant 2018-2019
Anna Beam-Mitchell Group Fitness Instructor 2018-2019
Michael Hunt Personal Trainer 2018-2019
Kate Houston Strength and Conditioning Assistant and Fitness Assistant 2017-2018
Bronwyn Cortez Group Fitness Instructor 2017-2018
Austin Paytes Personal Trainer 2017-2018
Ryan Quistorff Strength and Conditioning Assistant and Fitness Assistant 2016-2017
Coley Lyon Group Fitness Instructor 2016-2017
Peter Ciaccio Personal Trainer 2016-2017
Jaylyn Miller Strength and Conditioning Assistant and Fitness Assistant 2015-2016
Kristen Navaroli Group Fitness Instructor 2015-2016
Germain Singa-Craddock Personal Trainer 2015-2016
Jess Butner Strength & Conditioning Assistant and Fitness Assistant 2014-2015
Ciara Oden Group Fitness Instructor 2014-2015
Nick Gregory Personal Trainer 2014-2015
Jeffrey Florence Group Fitness Instructor 2013-2014
Germain Singa-Craddock Personal Trainer 2013-2014


Aubrey IzurietaMarketing2019-2020
Allona WilkersonMarketing Assistant2018-2019
Julia FaleweeMarketing Assistant2017-2018
Alan BishelMarketing Assistant2016-2017
Cherif GueyeMarketing Assistant2015-2016
Riley MeekMarketing Assistant2014-2015
Samantha SianoMarketing Assistant2013-2014

Member Services

Recipient Position Year
Ashleigh Steadman Member Services Specialist 2020-2021
Je’Lia Russell Member Services Specialist 2019-2020
Natalie Daughtry Member Services Specialist 2018-2019
Renesha Bowman Member Services Specialist 2017-2018
Massiel Medina Member Services Specialist 2016-2017
Hope Padgett Member Services Specialist 2015-2016
Maggie Fuentes Member Services Specialist 2014-2015
Alex Polk Member Services Specialist 2013-2014

Outdoor Adventures

Recipient Position Year
Caitlin Reilly Challenge Course Facilitator 2020-2021
Anna Beth Adcock Climbing Wall Specialist 2020-2021
Alyssa Schneider Rental Assistant 2020-2021
Massey Stichter Challenge Course Facilitator 2019-2020
Ben Learn Climbing Wall Specialist 2019-2020
Savannah Everett Trip Leader 2019-2020
John Stay Bike Mechanic and Gear Repair Specialist 2019-2020
Georgie Exton Rental Assistant 2019-2020
John Wallace Rental Assistant 2018-2019
Christian Rust Bike Mechanic 2018-2019
Katherine Miller Trip Leader 2018-2019
Evan Kearse Climbing Wall Specialist 2018-2019
Sean Betts Challenge Course Facilitator 2018-2019
Sean Betts Bike Mechanic 2017-2018
Amy Hinds Rental Assistant 2017-2018
Joshua Glazer Team Building Facilitator 2017-2018
Megan Hester Climbing Wall Specialist 2017-2018
Garnett Bullock Trip Leader 2017-2018
Noah Hartzell-Jordan Bike Mechanic 2016-2017
Ryen Parno Rental Assistant 2016-2017
Ethan Briggs Team Building Facilitator 2016-2017
Joli Stavish Climbing Wall Specialist 2016-2017
Nicholas Harwood Trip Leader 2016-2017
Paul Gannett Rental Assistant and Bike Mechanic 2015-2016
Cody Earnhardt Climbing Wall Specialist 2015-2016
Laura Tomkins Trip Leader 2015-2016
Lucas Jones Challenge Course Team Building Apprentice 2015-2016
Graham Via Challenge Course Team Building Facilitator and Lead Facilitator 2015-2016
Alex Clark Rental Assistant and Bike Mechanic 2014-2015
Rebekah Petty Climbing Wall Specialist 2014-2015
Thomas Lineberger Trip Leader 2014-2015
Ethan Briggs Challenge Course Team Building Apprentice 2014-2015
Morgan Danyi Challenge Course Team Building Facilitator 2014-2015
Jenny Gough Rental Assistant 2013-2014
Christopher Holmes Bike Mechanic 2013-2014
Tyler Simmons Climbing Wall Specialist 2013-2014
Will Edmonson Trip Leader 2013-2014
Christopher Kuczkowski Challenge Course Team Building Apprentice 2013-2014
Morgan Cheek Challenge Course Team Building Facilitator 2013-2014
Lauren Byrne Challenge Course Team Building Lead Facilitator 2013-2014

Sports Programs

Recipient Position Year
Colin Reyer Sports Programs Supervisor 2020-2021
Evan Reyer Official 2020-2021
Carter Edwards Sports Programs Supervisor 2019-2020
Kristy Green Evaluator 2019-2020
Tommy DeLaunay Official 2019-2020
Brooks Godbold Scorekeeper 2019-2020
Nathan Hill Maintenance Assistant 2019-2020
Justin Frye Scorekeeper 2018-2019
Bharat Karunakaran (BK) Official 2018-2019
Matt Hartl Evaluator 2018-2019
Brendan Hilferty Sports Programs Supervisor 2018-2019
Amy Nussman Scorekeeper 2017-2018
Wyatt Howard Official 2017-2018
Andrew Horne Evaluator 2017-2018
Matthew Williams Sports Programs Supervisor 2017-2018
Lite Lim Scorekeeper 2016-2017
Matthew Harmody Official 2016-2017
Daniel Briggs Evaluator 2016-2017
Anurag Chauhan Sports Programs Supervisor 2016-2017
Omar Rosado Scorekeeper 2015-2016
Derrick Applewhite Official 2015-2016
Matthew Grochmal Evaluator 2015-2016
Taylor Haynes Sports Programs Supervisor 2015-2016
Christopher Daly Scorekeeper 2014-2015
Tyler Rohrbach Official 2014-2015
Javion Henderson Evaluator 2014-2015
Stephanie Igo Sports Programs Supervisor 2014-2015
Michele Makdad Scorekeeper 2013-2014
Brent Kitchen Official 2013-2014
Caleb Lowman Evaluator 2013-2014
Andrew Wilson Sports Programs Supervisor 2013-2014


Recipient Position Year
Cailin Peterson Wellness Assistant 2020-2021
Carson Kelber Wellness Coach 2020-2021
Caroline Griffith Wellness Assistant 2019-2020
Zack Jenio Wellness Coach 2019-2020
Jarred Taylor Wellness Assistant 2018-2019
Liz Aimone Wellness Coach 2018-2019
Abby Caudle Wellness Assistant 2017-2018
William Rowe Wellness Coach 2017-2018
Jarred Taylor Wellness Assistant 2016-2017
Kelly Clute Wellness Coach 2016-2017
Nicole Muller Wellness Coach 2015-2016