Wellness Challenges

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Want to challenge yourself to make a lifestyle change? Register for one of our wellness challenges and start working toward a healthier you.

Pack To Sleep Challenge

Our 14-day personal accountability Pack to Sleep challenge is here to help you develop healthy habits to get better, more restful sleep.

Hydrate The Pack

Hydrate the Pack Challenge

This seven-day challenge, participants will discover their personal recommended daily water intake, receive daily tasks and tips, and build healthy and sustainable hydration habits that will last.

Step To It: Movement Challenge

Did you know that walking has the lowest dropout rate compared to other forms of physical activity? Walking is one of the simplest, positive behavior changes you can make to impact your health.

Goal Setting

With a new year comes new opportunities and new beginnings. Many of us will set new goals and resolutions and this year, Wellness and Recreation wants to help you accomplish them.

Wolf Walks Banner

Wolf Walks Challenge

We encourage you to get moving, motivate your teammates, and continue on this journey through this 8-week program