Outreach Sessions

Wellness Workshop

We offer wellness outreach to NC State student groups, departments and affiliates.

Education Sessions

Wellness and Recreation Connect

Learn all that Wellness and Recreation has to offer and how you can improve your well-being by pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle.

Residence Hall Fitness

Your schedule and living space can get pretty tight, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to squeeze in a workout. We’ll introduce you to quick and simple ways to add physical activity into your routine from the comforts of your on-campus abode.

Mythbusters: Fitness and Wellness Edition

Who doesn’t love debunking a good myth? We’ll explore and expose many of the common fitness and wellness myths that are all too common in everyday life.


For many, the majority of our day is spent sitting. We’ll teach you about what the “sitting disease” and how to break free from your chair to live a healthier lifestyle. We’ll go over proper sitting posture, what it means to be “desk chair fit.”

Putting Stress to Rest

Managing stress is essential to living a healthy, productive lifestyle. We’ll take you through a variety of techniques and strategies you can use to help improve your stress management skills.

Avoid Gaining Weight, While at State!

Is the ‘Freshman 15’ a truth or a myth? We’ll shed light on what contributes to college weight gain and provide tips on how to avoid it.

The Art of Being a Goal-Getter

Whether it’s establishing goals for your well-being, academics or personal life, this session will provide personalized strategies for planning and overcoming obstacles for success.

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Happiness Now!

Learn quick ways to improve your mood through the top five proven methods for happiness. This fun, interactive session will show you small changes that can make a large impact on your stress, mood and ability to be happier, instantly.

A Wise, Well Wolfpack

Wellness is more than eating healthy and getting a daily dose of exercise. This session will show what impacts your health, and include key life hacks to balancing your well-being for your most successful year.

Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness in the workplace may be easier than you think! Enjoy this quick, interactive session that will encourage employees to make small changes in the workplace that promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Body Composition Screening

We will conduct individual body composition screenings and provides you with important information about your lean muscle mass, body fat and health.

A Well Rested Wolfpack

A large part of being successful at NC State starts the night before. Getting quality and ample sleep every night is essential to reaching your personal and academic goals. Learn how proper sleep hygiene can impact your health and well-being.

Educational Session Information

  • Access to a projector and a sound system is ideal, but not required for delivery of presentation. If a projector is available, the presenter will bring a laptop to connect.
  • You are responsible for providing and/or reserving a space for the educational session.

Fee Structure for Education Sessions

 Student GroupsFREE
 NC State DepartmentsFREE
 Centennial Affiliates$30

Custom Experiences

We can create a custom workshop experience for your group, department or student organization. A wellness workshop is an educational and experiential opportunity that provides easy access to screenings, activities and information about the latest trends in wellness and fitness. These sessions give you the knowledge you need to live a healthy lifestyle and create a culture of wellness.

These custom experiences are a great addition to retreats, events, programs, trainings and more. Workshops must be at least two (2) hours in length.

Affiliation Rate
NC State Registered Student Organization $25/hour
NC State Departments $50/hour
Centennial Campus Affiliates $75/hour

Outreach Session and Workshop Request

Please note that all requests must be submitted a minimum two weeks in advance. Requests are not approved until a written confirmation sent to you.
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  • Please provide a building name and room number. Space must be reserved by the requesting group.