Group Fitness Schedule

Summer 2021 Group Fitness Update

Face coverings will no longer be required for individuals who are vaccinated. 

Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated should continue wearing a face-covering indoors and when in close contact with others. We also encourage everyone who feels safer or more comfortable wearing a face covering to continue doing so.

To access the livestream of classes offered virtually, visit the Wellness and Recreation App.

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Summer II Group Fitness Schedule

Monday, June 28 – Friday, July 30

Studio 2605 Studio 2609 Studio 2615 Mind Body Studio 3150
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:00 a.m. BodyPump™ (60)   BodyPump™ (60)    
12:15 p.m.         H.I.I.T (30)
Barre (40) Cycle (40)   Cycle (40) Restorative Yoga (40)
4:30 p.m. H.I.I.T (30)   H.I.I.T (30)    
5:00 p.m.     Yoga (50)    
5:30 p.m.   Power Yoga (50) Cycle (40) Cycle (40)  
BodyPump™ (60)   BodyPump™ (60)    
6:00 p.m. Hip Hop (50) Dance H.I.I.T (50) Cardio Kickbxing (50) Dance H.I.I.T (50)  
Yoga (50)   Yoga (50) Yoga (50)  
Cycle and Core(40)