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Greek Points

2022-23 Standings

Sorority Standings

  • Delta Zeta – 275 points
  • Pi Beta Phi – 220 points
  • Delta Gamma – 160 points

Fraternity Standings

  • Phi Delta Theta – 440 points
  • Phi Kappa Tau – 435 points
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon – 425 points


Greek organizations will compete throughout the academic year to be the Intramural Sports Greek Champion. Points will be awarded for both participation and final standings for each sport. Only sports that offer Fraternity and Women’s/Sorority leagues will be included in the point totals.


The first forfeit in any team and/or individual sport will result in the loss of participation points. However, placement points will still be awarded. A default or forfeit in any special event will result in zero points being awarded for that sport.

The second forfeit in any team and/or individual sport will result in the team being dropped from further competition in that sport. No participation, playoff, or placement points will be awarded.

Team Sports Scoring

Greek organizations may enter one team in each sport to be counted toward the Intramural Sports Greek Points Competition. Teams must have their Greek organization name listed as their “team name” to be eligible for points.

Greek organizations are encouraged to have additional teams compete in other intramural leagues for the same sport, but those teams should not use their organization name as their team name. Participants are eligible to compete on one team in each league offered.

Participation Points – 50 points per team

Placement Points:

  • 1st Place – 50 Points
  • 2nd Place – 35 Points
  • 3rd Place – 20 Points
  • 4th Place – 20 Points