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Swim Lessons

Wellness and Recreation offers swim lessons for NC State students and Wellness and Recreation members.

  • Private lessons are available to swimmers of all ages and abilities.
  • Adult group swim lessons are offered by skill level (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

Adult Group Swim Lessons are available to NC State students and Wellness and Recreation members ages 18+. Our programs are broken down into three levels, designed to help participants achieve individual swimming goals. 

  • Beginner: This 30-minute class is designed for participants to get comfortable in the water and to enjoy it safely. Participants will work toward independent swimming, proper body position in the water and basic strokes (freestyle, backstroke, etc.).
  • Intermediate: This 30-minute class is designed for participants who are able to swim on their own without support. Participants will gain proficiency in freestyle and backstroke, and learn the fundamentals of breaststroke and butterfly.
  • Advanced: This 45-minute class is designed for participants who want to improve their technique and endurance and how to develop swimming workouts. The six strokes studied include freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke and sidestroke.
NC State StudentsWellness and Recreation Members

The objective of our private lesson program is to provide a program that meets the individuals’ swimming goals through one-on-one lessons. Parent-Child lessons are available upon request and are meant to familiarize young children with the water.

NC State StudentsWellness and Recreation Members
3-Lesson Package$75$105
6-Lesson Package$150$210

Guidelines and Procedures


Carmichael parking lot is classified as “C” and is available before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Visitors are encouraged to use the Coliseum Deck pay lot for parking. Wellness and Recreation will not be held responsible for any tickets received for parking outside of designated areas.

First Lesson

Enter the Casey Aquatic Center and follow designated signs to pool deck. Please be prepared 10-minutes prior to your lesson time.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are equipped with showers and lockers. Family changing rooms are available.

Observation Area

Parents and caregivers must go to the bleachers on the pool deck if they wish to observe lessons. For the children’s benefit, no one is allowed in or around the pool during lessons.


No refunds will be granted after initial purchase.

Swimming Before/After Lessons

Wellness and Recreation offers family swim on Fridays after 5 p.m. and during normal hours on Saturday and Sunday. Children are allowed in the facility during their lessons, however swimming with your child before and after the lesson is not permitted on weekdays.

Completing Private Lessons

After the initial purchase, clients have four (4) months to complete their lessons. If lessons are not completed in the four month time frame the lessons will be canceled at no refund to the client. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a situational basis.


For additional information, please contact:

Wellness and Recreation Aquatics
P: (919) 513-1555